Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Phil's War Cabinet - new blog

Well, it's been promised a while... a place where I can develop my new wargames project...
It's just gone live:

Not much on there yet, but it will hot up over the coming days...pop on over and say hi.
See you over there...


Anonymous said...

Hi Phil,

Your blogs are always a pleasure to visit!

I see from your new 'cabinet' blog that you have adopted a basing style that is very simple looking. I first saw it on Peter Morbey's "Elite Miniatures" and most recently on John Ray's blog. How is it done?

I have to say that I like it because it does not take the ye away from the figures themselves and it somehow blends them in better to the kind of baseboards most wargamers use.

Best Wishes


Phil said...

Thanks Ted.
Yes, you are spot on about the basing. I've decided to use the "Gilder-esque" method for the reasons you state.
The method for the grass is to mix sand and PVA glue and smear it on. Then paint green, and drybrush yellow. Very simple. But getting the right consistency is tricky... not too much PVA glue.
Best rgds

Anonymous said...

Hello Phil,

Thanks for that. I'll try it out.

Best Wishes


Andrew Parr said...

Hi Phil, Grand you have the Cabinet back up! It has re kindled my Old School interests...I don't suppose those 40mm PA are still for sale?