Thursday, 23 December 2010

Season's Greetings

Looking back over 2010 with some satisfaction (somesay smugness, I guess). It's been a good year, with the following "Classic Wargaming" highlights:
  • painting the Saxe Coburg regiment -  this keeps up the pledge of doing at least one "Classic Wargaming" unit per year, amongst all the other wargames activity on other projects. John Preece once said about his own collection building, that his goal was to simply add a fresh unit each year, of whatever he fancied doing, the idea being that over time a very satisfying collection can be created without too much fuss. Very much in the spirit of things in the CW genre methinks.
  • the Spurlash Down game at Claymore in August - a chance to play with the troops in good company (thanks Alan, Phil and Tony), and meet some fellow wargamers who have a similar approach and appreciate this style of wargame.
  • Publications such as Wargaming in History vol 2, and The Wargames Annual. Whilst not specifically "classic" in style, I include them here simply to bring them to your attention, and to say I am proud to have been involved.
  • The Classic Wargamer's Journal - I never realised that dipping my toe into the water would reveal such a fantastic level of support. We have sold 273 Pilot Issues so far, and have 178 subscribers, which is way beyond what I had imagined. I'm delighted, and thanks must go to you all for supporting the venture, and not least to those who have contributed articles and have made the whole thing a joy. The many emails and letters expressing really heartfelt thanks are very much appreciated, and gave me a genuine boost to launch the project proper after the Pilot Issue. 
  • receiving a letter from Don Featherstone- more on this in the next issue of CWJ.
Talking of CWJ ... I am starting to collate the many articles received for the next issue. As you can probably imagine, I am enjoying this immensely as my "business pen" has been put down for the year and I am now able to relax in an armchair with a glass of something seasonal. I can promise an issue that is definitely something to look forward to bouncing onto your door-mat in mid-January.

So, here's to you all... CWJ contributors, subscribers, and all visitors to the blog. Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous 2011. I trust you will have some exciting items under the tree, and maybe a game or two over the holidays.
Best wishes


Prince Lupus said...

Many thanks Phil.

Here's to a classic 2011.

Bluebear Jeff said...

May your Holidays be filled with joy and pleasure, sir.

And may the new year bring a further rejuvenation as you enjoy all aspects of life and our hobby.

-- Jeff

Syari said...

this is great!