Wednesday 17 March 2010

Virtual Tumbleweed

Don't you just hate those blogs which are left with virtual tumbleweed blowing through them, are never updated, etc etc. So dilatory!

So... Sorry!

The Thirty Years War project, as some of you will know, is uppermost in that small segment reserved for the hobby in what passes for my mind!

However, even though the Classic wargaming part of my wargaming life is currently "off radar" I thought I should just pop a post up to assure you I'm still here!

So, with regard to Classic Wargaming, what to say, what to show?

Well, a while ago Bill Protz (known to many I'm sure as the man behind the BAR rules, amongst other fine contributions to the hobby), sent me some photos that I have held in archive for occasions such as this. And I am therefore able to present Brigadier Peter Young's Victory Column (remember the quote from Charge: "Celebrate your victories, and disguise your drawn battles").

Thank you to Bill for this.

Tempted to make one myself, and I'm sure many of you already do this for your campaigns.

Thank you all for continuing to visit (I suspect more in hope than expectation these days), and I promise I'll be back with more goodies sometime soon. As always, I have a plan...