Monday 18 April 2011

CWJ Vol I issue 3 - It's ready!

Volume I issue 3 is now ready, and will be posted out tomorrow. So you should be receiving it before Easter (overseas subscribers may have to wait till just after Easter for it to reach you). If it doesn't arrive as you hope, let me know.
PDF subscribers will be receiving theirs by email tomorrow.

Contents include:
  • Tales from the Frontline -including a number of refights by Ian Allen set in the 1920s; a Napoleonic foragers encounter by Robert Arcangeli; an update on Chris Bowley's Franco Prussian project; plus lots more... and a letter of complaint from The Blasthof Parish Council!
  • A Napoleonic scenario by Bob Varga
  • 40mm GNW by Alasdair Jamison
  • Viva Catalonia - Spain in early 18th century- Part 2 by Ray Caddy
  • Indian Mutiny in 42mm by Daryl Haselton
  • Desert Island Wargaming with ... Aly Morrison!
  • Hyboria Part 3 of Peter Verduyn's Ancients campaign
  • French & Indian Wars scenario by Terry Preen
  • A 19th Century imagi-nations game by Stephen Caddy
  • Tales of the Golden Head continue with Ian Allen
  • One from the Archives - this time it's Tony Bath's NAXOS Campaign from 1957
  • and rounding off, Conrad Kinch gives us his usual wry slant on the hobby.

Add to that, a few colour plates, and some more exquisite sketches by Chris Gregg, and a plethora of contributors' sketch maps.
plus the special pull-out by Ian Allen - think Ikea meets Airfix, and you get the templates to produce The Flatpack Fighter:

All in all, I hope there's enough for everyone.
Thanks to all the contributors as always.

All the very best