Wednesday 13 October 2010

It is done!

Tomorrow will be posting day... with all copies having now been printed, stapled, and enveloped, CWJ volume I, Issue 1 will be posted out to subscribers.

PDFs will also be sent out to those who have subscribed to that format.
If you haven't received your PDF by tomorrow evening (Thursday 14 October, say 8pm UK time), let me know (but check your spam filter/ junk email first!).

Similarly, I can see no reason why UK hard-copy subscribers won't have theirs by this weekend. Certainly, let me know if not received by end of Monday 18th.

And for overseas subscribers, last time it seemed to take around 5-7 days to reach the various corners of the globe. Let's say anyone who hasn't received by 28th October, let me know.

Similarly, I'll be glad to hear from the first to receive theirs (from the overseas folk in particular) - let us know on the comments here. That way we can see if anything has gone awry. Let's see who is the first Canadian/ US/ Australian/ New Zealander, and European recipient).

Cheers for now...

Wednesday 6 October 2010

CWJ October issue

Coming soon...

Classic Wargamer’s Journal, Volume I, issue 1... Autumn 2010.

I am really enjoying putting together this issue, which will be out next week... and includes such articles as:

Spurlash Down – the second part, with a full battle report on the action as fought recently. Stephen Caddy has written part 2 of his FireRaisers piece which began in the Pilot Issue, and Chris Stringer has provided a battle report titled, Advance Guard.
Greg Horne’s ACW project also features, and Peter Verduyn begins a series on his own Hyboria campaign. Stuart Asquith is marooned, and also goes in search of Hook’s Farm. David Shuttleworth offers ideas for scenarios set in the dark, and Stokes Schwartz sets out the case for Imagi-Nations. There’s also a skirmish scenario set in Darkest Africa by Ian Allen, along with a number of other battle reports (the regular feature Tales from the Frontline is up and running). We draw another “one from the archives” (this time a tabletop action from June 1957), and Conrad Kinch makes a first appearance, with a wry look at the hobby.

All in all, something for many different tastes. Thanks to the contributors, and to those who have already submitted material which will have to appear in the January issue! We’re on a roll!!!! Having a good stock of articles allows me to create a better balance covering many periods in each issue... and as always I’m keen to include battle reports and scenarios that, with a little imagination, can be easily adapted for many periods, any rules, and any number of figures.

And finally, thanks to all who have subscribed. As ever, I am very grateful for your support.

Copies will be sent out middle of next week.