Wednesday, 13 October 2010

It is done!

Tomorrow will be posting day... with all copies having now been printed, stapled, and enveloped, CWJ volume I, Issue 1 will be posted out to subscribers.

PDFs will also be sent out to those who have subscribed to that format.
If you haven't received your PDF by tomorrow evening (Thursday 14 October, say 8pm UK time), let me know (but check your spam filter/ junk email first!).

Similarly, I can see no reason why UK hard-copy subscribers won't have theirs by this weekend. Certainly, let me know if not received by end of Monday 18th.

And for overseas subscribers, last time it seemed to take around 5-7 days to reach the various corners of the globe. Let's say anyone who hasn't received by 28th October, let me know.

Similarly, I'll be glad to hear from the first to receive theirs (from the overseas folk in particular) - let us know on the comments here. That way we can see if anything has gone awry. Let's see who is the first Canadian/ US/ Australian/ New Zealander, and European recipient).

Cheers for now...


Conrad Kinch said...

Bravo! I look forward to it.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...


Best Regards,


Capt Bill said...

Volume I was a pleasant surpise this morning! Nicely done, thanks...

Anonymous said...

The world awaits with bated breath. You could hear a pin drop.
Well done, Phil

Duke of Baylen

TWD said...

Received mine this morning, all present and correct.
Not bad seeing I only remembered to subscribe on Sunday!
Thanks Phil, looking forward to reading it.

tradgardmastare said...

Arrived in Fife today- most enjoyable start to half term...
p.s for the REAL story about General Schwarz click on the following link-

Phil Dutré said...

Arrived in Belgium on Friday. Looks great.


Bloggerator said...

Those PDFs travel at the speed of light!

Thanks Phil,


Der Alte Fritz said...

My paper copy arrived in the USA today (Saturday October 16th). I'm looking forward to settling in for the evening and reading it tonight.

Jim (Der Alte Fritz)

Phil said...

Thank you all... sounds as if it's getting there! USA in 3-4 days is pretty good I think.
Keep the reports of "first sightings" coming in!

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hello there Phil,

Yep, my copy arrived in the mail Monday afternoon. Great stuff too! I nearly read the covers off of it late yesterday afternoon, during the early evening after dinner, and again later last night.

Best Regards,


Gallia said...
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Gallia said...

Hi Phil,
CWJ arrived on Monday 18 October in Wisconsin, USA. Reading commenced today. Enjoying it all -- slowly -- so it lasts. A motivation to do Splurlash Down is occuring. We'll see.
Well done and thanks to all who contributed,

jhnptrqn said...

CWJ arrived on Tuesday 19 October in Massachusetts,U.S.A. Put it aside until I get all my work done for the night. Wife's going to be happy with all the extra work done and I'll have something interesting to finally read.

Phil said...

Well it seems to have arrived in the New World in good time. And Europe too...
any news from The Commonwealth?! Apart from pdfs, has there been a sighting in Aus/ NZ/ Canada? There are subscribers in all these places, so do let us know when it gets to you.

David Lee said...

My copy arrived in Hiroshima yesterday, and I am taking a break from planning lessons this morning to read a few articles.

Katzenstein said...

can you check on a pdf order to:
tcoakley at optonline dot net


Phil said...

Hi Tim
pdf was sent 0837 on Tuesday 19 Oct.
email me if not received, and will resend.

guy said...

Thank you so much for sending my copy in double quick time. Your final comment about David Barnes' drawings is spot on. He drew many in his MWAN figure reviews and they were superb. Regretfully my drawing matches Lowry so no help here but I'm sure there must be a talented reader.


Anonymous said...


I ordered the Pilot issue and the CWJ as pdf's at the weekend but when I finished the payment there was an error on the page.

Can you confirm you got the payment?



Phil said...

Hi Paul
order received OK (I think the error message is some technical glitch- but beyond my ken to repair!). PDFs despatched a couple of minutes ago.
Thanks for your support.