Charge Inspiration

Of all the books that first got me started in wargaming, and to which this blog doffs its proverbial cap, Charge is, in my opinion, the ultimate classic tome.

And so, it seems only right to offer a shrine to the original work here, by placing just a few plates on this page.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures as they are merely scans from the old book. But I hope, for those who haven't seen them before, you get the idea of what the book holds.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Ah, Phil. . . Whenever I see these photos, my skin gets clammy, I begin to stammer, and develop a tremor. I just love, love, love the photographs from Charge!

Best Regards,


Mark Dudley said...


Great pictures that make the pulse racing of any true Old Schooler.

Bit alsos do not forget the quality of the paper and the smell of the book. Rules written in a style that have yet to be matched in other War game book.

All in all that it was makes a true classic.


Phil said...

Indeed Gentlemen...
the images, writing style, touch, smell of the pages. Sensory overload!
It's enough to make one paint up a unit of Staddens!!

Jeff Berry said...

So many comments in this post about the tactile sensation of this classic, and the smell. You don't often hear that one of the many virtues of a book olfactory. But to this day, when I open my own ancient copy (which I first took to sea with me in my days in the US Navy), that comforting smell wafts up and I'm taken back. So it comforts me that I'm not the only crazy one who notices this.

Archduke Piccolo said...

I still have my copy of Charge! - the first war games book I ever owned, bought in 1975. Unfortunately the dust cover disintegrated long ago. It remains in my view one of the 5 great classics of the genre, alongside H.G. Wells 'Little Wars', Don Featherstone's 'War Games' and 'War games Campaigns', and Charles Grant's 'The War Game'. Not having seen or read Joe Morshauser's magnum opus, I can't include it in the top six, but that is probably due tio a serious gap in my readership!