Tuesday 19 May 2020

Sittangbad - the layout that launched a thousand games

Last weekend, as many of you will know, Laurence and Tricks celebrated the many Partizan wargame shows by sharing, along with others, many photos and other 'stuff' from the past. You see, it was due to be the Partizan show on Sunday, but of course...

Henry Hyde did a mammoth video piece on YouTube all about the Sittangbad and Mollwitz games we created and displayed in 2006 and 2007 at Partizan.

It got me all misty eyed, particularly about the Sittangbad layout.
In many ways, it was the terrain design that launched a thousand games since then.

I remember coming up with the design, the green boards, the place on terrain, and so on, and wondering what the Wargames world would think of it.
Up till that point, whilst I had held this vision in my head for quite some time, there wasn't really a 'classic' / 'old school'  look out there.
I'm delighted that this particular vision has been taken on and seems to be the 'go to' look for bloggers in the old school genre.

The full story of the Sittangbad game was on my old Warcabinet website where I did regular updates which were the. Collated into an article for Battlegames magazine.
If you'd like the shortened version, click on the Sittangbad tab above and go to that page.