Wednesday 31 July 2013

Scrapbook and Homecasts

Yes, yet another update - I'm on a roll... spurred on by your comments!
So, today I added a couple of new pages - The Classic Scrapbook, containing sundry photos, and the Prinz August homecasting page.

Below: Three men in a wargames room...see Scrapbook page.

Below: Prinz August 40mm homecasts

There's more to come...

Tuesday 30 July 2013

Sittangbad Page Update

This afternoon, I spent an enjoyable couple of hours revisiting my pictures and notes on the Sittangbad refight, and have updated the page (see navigation bar above).
I've loaded more photos, particularly of the buildings I made for the game, and hope you'll enjoy this record of what was a terrific project to be involved with.

Above: Eisenburg Village.
Below: one of the Sittangbad town houses. All were made in the "lift off to reveal ruins" style.

More updates coming soon... I'm going to set up some more pages filled with Classic loveliness!

Sunday 28 July 2013

Here is the news...

Just because it's been quiet around here doesn't mean nothing is happening in my hobby life!
I'm going to be adding lots of material to this blog over the coming days/ weeks...stuff I've got in my photo archives that will bring things up to date.

First, I've moved the Battle of Raseinia page which was previously part of this blog onto John Ray's webpage (A Military Gentleman) - see links -  pop over there to have a look at what John's been up to and news about his book.

I've added a fresh page to this blog - Blasthof Bridge (see navigation bar above).

As I said, I'll be adding more classic stuff on here to fill up the blog, and then I'll be heading out with a separate and new blog for my next big project in a few weeks time.
Watch this space...

Meanwhile, I've also been keeping an eye out for other people's efforts, and if you want to see some good action currently going on, in true classic style, head over to both Tin Soldiering On blog (see links) where there's a refight of Blasthof in full flow, and The Wars of Cheese and Wine (see links) where a great little campaign is being played out.

All the best for now