Tuesday 27 April 2010

Items for sale

Last summer's clearance sale of many items gave me lots of cabinet space. The trouble is, I keep painting figures, and so a further sale is required!
In addition to clearing some space, I am adopting a whole new appraoch to my collection... they call it rationalising I think. So any items on the periphery just have to enjoy a new lease of life with a good home elsewhere...
Many of these figures have appeared in wargames magazines over the years, and do hold some nostalgic value.

So offers for the following, by email to
phil.olley at blueyonder.co.uk

click on pictures for larger image.

First up: SYW Prussian Dragoons (with GMB flags) - 12 figures.

SYW Prussian Hussars: von Reusch regt and Zeiten command figure

Bosniak Lancers:

Next up, some Huns (Foundry figures);

Picts (again Foundry): 23 figures in all.
Dark Age spearmen (12 figures; including 10 from the old Citadel Dark Ages range... circa early 1980s)
and Old Glory Jannissaries (24 figures)

And now, a small skirmish collection for the North West Frontier:
starting with Gordon Highlanders

20 Pathans:

10 Sikh infantry:

and a scratch built Afghan village:

In all cases, sensible offers will be considered. Just drop me an email for more information or to make an offer.