Sunday 27 June 2010

Not even close

... or should that be Klose?

In the end I failed my challenge to get the Saxe Coburg Regt complete before England's exit from the World Cup.
It was a tall order, but with limited painting time over the past week, it was always a tough one. As the photo shows, I have managed to complete the main colours on all three companies, so with just the details (hat lace and buttons) and muskets to do, and the command figures, I fell short.

But, and it's a big "but", I can't help feeling I kept my side of the bargain, and that somehow the challenge was really failed by the bunch of prima donnas sent out to South Africa.

Let's hope the Saxe-Coburg Regiment perform rather better when they get to the table. Sigh...

Thursday 17 June 2010

Need to paint faster?

Following England's opening game there were some unkind suggestions that if the Saxe Coburg Regt was to be completed before the team were packing for home I had best get painting faster!!!
Here is the latest state of play: 2 companies with main colours blocked in.

Thanks to all those who voted in the poll. Most thought this regiment would lose the race to be finished in time, but it was close (20 : 17).
The third company is up next, but over the next 10 days there will be only sporadic painting due to a number of commitments that take me away from home. So I'll have to get my skates on when I return.

And thanks to those who continue to leave comments. Always appreciated. To the chap who asked about Old School ACW rules/ War Games Digest; can you let me know your email address and I'll contact you direct.

Have a great weekend from wherever in the world you are watching the football!

Friday 11 June 2010

Painting Challenge update

Thought a "Work in Progress" shot would serve here before I settle down for the big kick-off, and start studying the Wallcharts and sticker albums! Come on, admit it, we all do it!

Anyway, here’s the latest on Saxe Coburg regt. Main colours are done on first company, so going along steadily.

Next will be to take second company to the same stage, then the third, before finishing off all the detail, buttons, sword hilts, muskets, hat lace, etc, on the whole regiment. I have a few commitments over the next couple of weeks that will erode painting time, so don’t think it will be plain sailing. Thanks to those who’ve voted so far … a close run thing!

Tomorrow sees me settling pre-match nerves with a visit to the Durham Wargames Show. A longish trip for me for just an hour or so at the show, but I have other business to attend to in Durham so it coincides nicely. So I may see a few of you there.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, have a good one!

Monday 7 June 2010

Rekindling the Flame

So what got the Classic War-Gaming flame re-lit this past couple of weeks?

Well, in fairness the pilot light is always aglow, and it only takes a small spark to ignite a bushfire of enthusiasm (are you liking these “inflammatory remarks”?!).

Now, recently there have been two contributory factors:
1. Reading through old copies of War Games Digest on loan from Charles Grant. I’m up to 1960 (from 1957) and loving them.
2. A throw-away remark (always be wary of these) at the recent Falkirk show by the man better known as Tradgardmastere in the blogging world. “Why not display some of your Classic war-games collection at a show… just a small table?” he suggested, helpfully (cheers Alan!) Well, I’m not sure whether I will do that yet, but it did get me thinking about the project again.

So, as I say, the Staddens got dusted down (fortunately I had an unpainted unit in stock ready for such an eventuality) and this will become The Saxe-Coburg Regiment, so far just undercoated and the faces started:

Seeing a unit laid out at the start like this always makes the painting task seem a little daunting, so I needed some motivation….

The big question is, what will be finished first… The Saxe-Coburg Regiment, or England’s World Cup “dream”?!

The regiment will comprise 3 companies (each of Officer, Sgt, drummer, and 16 infantrymen) plus regimental command (CO, Std bearer, RSM) , as per one of the organisation options offered in Charge - actually, I’ll be a drummer short as the flash on one of the castings was just too much to remove and he had to step out of the squad at the last minute. Perhaps the Rio Ferdinand of the regiment!

Will England be on the plane home before The Saxe-Coburg Regt is on the tabletop?
Place your bets (just for fun) in the latest poll, and wish me, and England, the very best of luck! Viewers in Scotland have their own programmes (alright, alright...sorry, couldn’t resist).

Friday 4 June 2010

Back in from the cold!

Seems a while since The Classic Wargaming part of my overall collection was centre stage, and yet it’s the one part I do return to as a sort of relaxation from more earnest efforts with display projects like the Thirty Years War and so on.

Joe Morschauser once wrote:
“You say you have been war-gaming for years and you are bored! You say you may give it all up because you have tried everything! ... What you need is some fresh air to clear your head, some sunshine and a return to fundamentals –of war gaming that is.”
The War Game Digest, March 1961.

There’s certainly something in that…
And the sun is shining here. So, I’ve been getting the Staddens dusted off again, and a new battalion is on the painting stocks.

I’ve also done some minor tidying up on the blog appearance, and added a Followers gadget for those who like such things (it has taken a while for the penny to drop - with apologies to all you experienced bloggers who must have been rolling your eyes!!!).

Anyway, suffice to say there’ll be more developments on this blog over the coming weeks. Meantime, here’s just a quick photo from my archives …

The Pils Holstein regiment. My first full regiment of Staddens painted for the Sittangbad demo game 4 years ago! What? Four years? Really...
Tempus Fugit, as they say...