Monday, 7 June 2010

Rekindling the Flame

So what got the Classic War-Gaming flame re-lit this past couple of weeks?

Well, in fairness the pilot light is always aglow, and it only takes a small spark to ignite a bushfire of enthusiasm (are you liking these “inflammatory remarks”?!).

Now, recently there have been two contributory factors:
1. Reading through old copies of War Games Digest on loan from Charles Grant. I’m up to 1960 (from 1957) and loving them.
2. A throw-away remark (always be wary of these) at the recent Falkirk show by the man better known as Tradgardmastere in the blogging world. “Why not display some of your Classic war-games collection at a show… just a small table?” he suggested, helpfully (cheers Alan!) Well, I’m not sure whether I will do that yet, but it did get me thinking about the project again.

So, as I say, the Staddens got dusted down (fortunately I had an unpainted unit in stock ready for such an eventuality) and this will become The Saxe-Coburg Regiment, so far just undercoated and the faces started:

Seeing a unit laid out at the start like this always makes the painting task seem a little daunting, so I needed some motivation….

The big question is, what will be finished first… The Saxe-Coburg Regiment, or England’s World Cup “dream”?!

The regiment will comprise 3 companies (each of Officer, Sgt, drummer, and 16 infantrymen) plus regimental command (CO, Std bearer, RSM) , as per one of the organisation options offered in Charge - actually, I’ll be a drummer short as the flash on one of the castings was just too much to remove and he had to step out of the squad at the last minute. Perhaps the Rio Ferdinand of the regiment!

Will England be on the plane home before The Saxe-Coburg Regt is on the tabletop?
Place your bets (just for fun) in the latest poll, and wish me, and England, the very best of luck! Viewers in Scotland have their own programmes (alright, alright...sorry, couldn’t resist).


Andy Mitchell said...

Is it still possible to 'watch' the Footie on the radio while painting?

tradgardmastare said...

Go for it Phil! Glad to have "thrown away" usefully...


Fire at Will said...

Being married to a Scot and having no interest in football, I want it to be over as soon as possible, but I believe once you get going these things appear very quickly so I went for the Saxe Coburg option.

All the best


Phil said...

Well, having access to a radio in the painting room will certainly help keep me at the painting desk while matches are on Andy. But then again, the distraction of a TV in just the next room will be a temptation away from the paint desk. I daren't put a TV in the wargames room as I'd be too easily distracted and end up watching EVERY match (which is likely anyway!)

Old School ACW said...

"Reading through old copies of War Games Digest on loan from Charles Grant. I’m up to 1960 (from 1957) and loving them."

Ah, Phil, mate, buddy, pal... These wouldn't perhaps contain the odd article from Charles Grant (Sr) concerning his ACW rules would they?

Phil said...

Old school ACW: ref WGDs; yes, there are several pieces referring to the Grants' ACW games.

Old School ACW said...

Do any of them describe rules mechanisms? I know one does speak at length to the Grant Cavalry rules. i ask because I'm interested in trying to recreate the Grant ACW rules.