Friday 4 June 2010

Back in from the cold!

Seems a while since The Classic Wargaming part of my overall collection was centre stage, and yet it’s the one part I do return to as a sort of relaxation from more earnest efforts with display projects like the Thirty Years War and so on.

Joe Morschauser once wrote:
“You say you have been war-gaming for years and you are bored! You say you may give it all up because you have tried everything! ... What you need is some fresh air to clear your head, some sunshine and a return to fundamentals –of war gaming that is.”
The War Game Digest, March 1961.

There’s certainly something in that…
And the sun is shining here. So, I’ve been getting the Staddens dusted off again, and a new battalion is on the painting stocks.

I’ve also done some minor tidying up on the blog appearance, and added a Followers gadget for those who like such things (it has taken a while for the penny to drop - with apologies to all you experienced bloggers who must have been rolling your eyes!!!).

Anyway, suffice to say there’ll be more developments on this blog over the coming weeks. Meantime, here’s just a quick photo from my archives …

The Pils Holstein regiment. My first full regiment of Staddens painted for the Sittangbad demo game 4 years ago! What? Four years? Really...
Tempus Fugit, as they say...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Welcome back to the 18th century, sir.

And your regiment looks like it is full of good brave soldiers . . . their only want is an enemy.

-- Jeff

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

I never tire of gazing at this particular regiment, Phil. I'll have to acquire some Stadden's myself one day soon.

Best Regards,


Capt Bill said...

When will we see a follow on campaign book?

Phil said...

Thank you Jeff, Stokes and Capt Bill.
As for a campaign book...
well, Wargaming in History 2 has literally just been finished and is with publishers; then we've an Annual to work on; and then a follow up to St Michel/ Chiraz.
That's the plan anyway... Watch this space.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Phil

Glad to see you back in the Old School saddle.

BTW I like the light green of your table and that is it a lighter shade than your green figure basing.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're back in the C18th Phil and even happier to hear that there will be another annual, campaign book and vol2 of wargaming in history - I'm currently re-reading vol 1 - great stuff.

all the best


Phil said...

Thanks Mark and Ian. Glad you are enjoying the books Ian. They are certainly fun to do.