The Asquith Collection

Stuart Asquith is a doyen of the wargaming world, a literary behemoth, an editor without parallel.
He's also a gentleman across the table.

Now, these figures have considerable pedigree, and quite a history.
They were originally Stuart's armies, and were then passed to Charles S Grant, before arriving with me, and eventually passing into the hands of Henry Hyde.
Somehow, they will always be Stuart's!

Most are Spencer Smith Miniatures, with a smattering of others providing officers and so on.
A number are conversions, such as the first aid teams and pioneers.

Here are just a few of the units from a huge collection:


Chris Gregg said...

What a nostalgia trip, Phil! thank you

Anonymous said...

I remember having 18thc. flats......traded them for 25mm AWI figs....bad strategery(kudos to GW Bush)…..