Many readers will be aware of the contribution of Tony Bath to our hobby, and in particular his timeless epic book "Setting up a wargames campaign".
In that volume, he used his mythical Hyboria ancients campaign to illustrate every aspect of wargame campaigning, in fine detail.

At one point, for a few years, I had under my stewardship the collection of most of Tony's original flat figures used in his campaigns... and took the opportunity to photograph just a few.
It seems somehow fitting to include a few of these photos on this blog as a sort of museum piece!


Archduke Piccolo said...

Graf von Grunt commanded the Vereinigte Freie Stadt (?) at the battle of Mollwitz, the Grand Duchy of Lorraine being led by Fritz von Tarlenheim - 'no doubt', quoth the historian Charles Grant, 'He who played such a part in the affair of the Prisoner of Zenda', a century and a half later. Such is to be found in 'The War Game'by the same Mr Grant.

I recall reading Tony Bath's exciting account of his developing Hyboria campaign in Battle magazine, 40-odd years ago.

Archduke Piccolo said...

OOps... I meant 'an ancestor of him...' Yarooh...