Tuesday 2 November 2010

Otterlitz game

Just to show I haven't disappeared, buried under a deluge of submissions and subscriptions for CWJ (keep em coming...!), here are a few pictures taken at the home of Alasdair Jamison during a game last weekend. The game was a SYW version of the Otterlitz scenario recently featured in CWJ (and originally in War Gamer's Digest in 1957).

above: the town of Otterlitz, on the Rusian right flank, is about to have it's peace disturbed.
Above: Alasdair (on the left) seems confident about the Russian dispositions.
Below: the Prussians cross the stream
Above: The Prussian cavalry second wave charges the Russian right-centre.
Below: And now the chink in the armour of the Russian defence becomes a hole and the Prussian Dragoons prepare to exploit their breakthrough.

All figures from the collection of Alasdair Jamison.
I played the part of commander of the Russians (General Ivan Awfulitch), defending the ridgeline, ably asisted by Alasdair, with David Shuttleworth (see Wargames Amateur blog link) and Steve Ayers being the Prussian attackers. A full report is on David's blog... and in truth he has been kind to us Ruskis in his account. The reality is that whilst the game did hang in the balance till mid afternoon, in the end we were well beaten.