Thursday 13 January 2011

Latest Issue of CWJ

Just what you need to warm the heart, and to welcome in the New Year.
Volume I issue 2 is complete, and we are posting them out over the next 2 days.
PDF will be sent out Sunday/ Monday.

So, what's in store:
Well first thing to notice is the widening variety of periods covered in this latest issue, with Ancients to Modern, and all stations in between, and even some naval stuff.
There's a letter from Don Featherstone (amongst other correspondence and "Tales from the Frontline"), Greg Horne's Blasthof refight, Ray Caddy takes us to Spain 1713-14, Ian Allen is in the ACW, and the next episode unfolds in his Darkest Africa 1920s adventures. Peter Verduyn continues his Hyboria ancient campaign series, Capt Bill's Reich Duchy of Beerstein is featured, Stuart Asquith is at Hook's Farm, Allan Tidmarsh plays out a Viking Raid, and Chris Stringer is in AWI with Freeman's Farm. Stokes Schwartz provides advice on blogging and getting your armies onto the table, and we draw another action from the archives (this time it's from Sept 1957: the Battle of Lapin's Farm).

All embellished with Chris Gregg's sketches (a new feature which really does add something to the look of the journal I have to say), plus a few colour plates, and a proliferation of maps from the authors of individual articles (the guys have really gone to town on this!)

Should be plenty there to keep you going.
Thanks again to the contributors, and to you, the many subscribers.

And a Happy New Year... may 2011 be prosperous, and filled with wargaming happiness.