Thursday, 13 January 2011

Latest Issue of CWJ

Just what you need to warm the heart, and to welcome in the New Year.
Volume I issue 2 is complete, and we are posting them out over the next 2 days.
PDF will be sent out Sunday/ Monday.

So, what's in store:
Well first thing to notice is the widening variety of periods covered in this latest issue, with Ancients to Modern, and all stations in between, and even some naval stuff.
There's a letter from Don Featherstone (amongst other correspondence and "Tales from the Frontline"), Greg Horne's Blasthof refight, Ray Caddy takes us to Spain 1713-14, Ian Allen is in the ACW, and the next episode unfolds in his Darkest Africa 1920s adventures. Peter Verduyn continues his Hyboria ancient campaign series, Capt Bill's Reich Duchy of Beerstein is featured, Stuart Asquith is at Hook's Farm, Allan Tidmarsh plays out a Viking Raid, and Chris Stringer is in AWI with Freeman's Farm. Stokes Schwartz provides advice on blogging and getting your armies onto the table, and we draw another action from the archives (this time it's from Sept 1957: the Battle of Lapin's Farm).

All embellished with Chris Gregg's sketches (a new feature which really does add something to the look of the journal I have to say), plus a few colour plates, and a proliferation of maps from the authors of individual articles (the guys have really gone to town on this!)

Should be plenty there to keep you going.
Thanks again to the contributors, and to you, the many subscribers.

And a Happy New Year... may 2011 be prosperous, and filled with wargaming happiness.


Jiminho said...


I'm greatly looking forward to seeing the new issue.

Many thanks!


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Yep, me too!

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...

Now this is my real christmass present. : )

tradgardmastare said...

ditto ..

Dale said...

Wasn't the pilot issue Vol 1, No 1? So if I buy a subscription for Vol 1, after having bought the pilot issue, aren't I getting the same issue twice?

Are you not going to sell the issues separately (by PDF)? Or will it only be by subscription? I can understand what to know how many issues to print up, but PDF?


dale underscore hurtt at yahoo

Phil said...

Thanks for your support chaps.

Dale: the Pilot Issue was separate. Volume I consists of 4 issues (Oct 2010, Jan 2011, April 2011, and July 2011), not including the Pilot. So if you buy the Pilot, then the subscription, you are not getting any duplication.

There are no plans to sell issues individually, pdf or hard copy.
Best regards

AlFront said...

Oh, joy!! What with sub-flu ( had the jag, thankfully), more work than I, or anyone else, can shake a stick at, and January blues, I wasn't expecting much of next week...but now!! Oh, joy!!

zieten said...

Issue 2 arrived here in Germany today, two days after being send. And food for thought in abundance it contains! After reading Stoke`s article, I even had to indulge in a little serious self-reflection.

My compliments to the contributors and the editor for the fine mixture of topics!

Many thanks.

TWD said...

Got mine on Saturday and jolly splendid it is too.
Thanks Phil and all the contributors.

Gallia said...

Phil mine arrived 18 January in Wisconsin. Must commence reading tonight!

marinergrim said...

A joy to read. Saturday morning - hot coffee, danish & CWJ. What more do you need?

John Moher said...

Phil - another great effort - I had this a few days ago - so it was here in New Zealand within about 4 days of you posting it! Great stuff.

It was really great to see a comment from Don Featherstone, still chugging away, he must really be the last of the old guard left now that inspired all us Generation X and earlier Baby Boomer generation gamers?

I particularly liked the HATSOFF 10 Commandments - it turned up right in the midst of interesting discussion vis competition & non-competition game sat our local club. Needless to say I have taken the liberty of reproducing them on our club website Auckland Wargaming Club and trust you and Dan & Sam from HATSOFF won't object!

Keep at it and I haven't forgotten I've promised to send something in.

John Moher said...

Phil - on a related note - and if you bear with me - I've recently posted the following on a few groups - and I'm sure it will interest you if you haven't seen it already:

Charles Grant's "Battle - Practical Wargaming" - Available Free Online

I won't reproduce the whole post here but see my blog for details:

Enjoy :-)


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...


I've been meaning to write to you. Another great issue of CWJ! Mine arrived here (American Midwest) after about five days. The new illustrations by Chris Gregg really add something to it. I am particularly fond of Conrad's Corner (both in the last issue and this one) and all the great battle reports, many of which I'd like to try with my own forces here, for instance Hook's Farm. I've actually cleared my table and set up everything for your Vanguard's Collide scenario from a few months ago. Hostilities are set to commence this evening with a brief report for CWJ #3 to follow. Anyway, looking very forward to future issues of the CWJ.

Best Regards,