Thursday, 17 June 2010

Need to paint faster?

Following England's opening game there were some unkind suggestions that if the Saxe Coburg Regt was to be completed before the team were packing for home I had best get painting faster!!!
Here is the latest state of play: 2 companies with main colours blocked in.

Thanks to all those who voted in the poll. Most thought this regiment would lose the race to be finished in time, but it was close (20 : 17).
The third company is up next, but over the next 10 days there will be only sporadic painting due to a number of commitments that take me away from home. So I'll have to get my skates on when I return.

And thanks to those who continue to leave comments. Always appreciated. To the chap who asked about Old School ACW rules/ War Games Digest; can you let me know your email address and I'll contact you direct.

Have a great weekend from wherever in the world you are watching the football!


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Go Phil! And send a little of that painting mojo this way, please. ;-)

Best Regards,


tradgardmastare said...

Looking great Sir.

Old School ACW said...

Hello Phil,

I'm keen to get in touch.

You can get me at either bloggerator AT gmail DOT com or colonialwargamer AT gmail DOT com

Best wishes,

Greg Horne

Phil said...

Will do Greg.


and EYE thought we were the only Imagi-Nation that used Citadel paints. The painted units here are excellent and crisp - have to sharpen our skills up a bit - or else the Direktors wont be very pleased....