Tuesday 30 July 2013

Sittangbad Page Update

This afternoon, I spent an enjoyable couple of hours revisiting my pictures and notes on the Sittangbad refight, and have updated the page (see navigation bar above).
I've loaded more photos, particularly of the buildings I made for the game, and hope you'll enjoy this record of what was a terrific project to be involved with.

Above: Eisenburg Village.
Below: one of the Sittangbad town houses. All were made in the "lift off to reveal ruins" style.

More updates coming soon... I'm going to set up some more pages filled with Classic loveliness!


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Looking at all of this wonderful stuff makes it awfully difficult to get myself back in the painting chair you know.

Best Regards,


Prince Lupus said...

Splendid pictures; I must get my generals a "pavilion" for a bit of added comfort.

Phil said...

Stokes - sometimes it's ok to take a break from the painting table (it's not a chain gang!), kick back a little, sip a cool drink and enjoy the scenery!
Prince Lupus - I've been enjoying your updates recently too.
Best regards

tidders2 said...

Thanks for sharing the extra piccies

-- Allan