Thursday 19 August 2010


Had the Grand Old Duke of York been a wargamer, he would not only have marched his men to the top of a hill before marching them down again, but he would have also paused at the top, and re-based them before making the futile descent, and then no doubt re-based them again (possibly back to their previous basing arrangement) before making them plod back up the incline, ad infinitum.

When it comes to basing, one of the joys of this Classic Collection project is that such decisions don't have to be made. That is, with the exception of the Pils Holstein regiment who originally were in their unbased form, then got based (twice if I remember correctly) in order to function alongside other armies, but have recently returned to their raw state so as join the other Stadden infantry in this army.

The Grenadier company has always remained unbased, and performed magnificently at Spurlash Down as an independent company. They have now been joined by the other companies, to form a 4-company regiment (Grenadier company, 2 Line companies, Light Company) following the Charge "mixed regiment" organisation structure.

And as a pure indulgence, this has allowed me to set up a long desired shot of "infantry advancing on a broad front", similar to that iconic image of the Electoral infantry at Sittangbad in "Charge".

Left to right: Erbprinz Regiment, Saxe Coburg Regiment, and Pils Holstein regiment, with Garde Jaeger Light Infantry company skirmishing to the fore.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Morning Phil,

Glad to see the Pils-Holstein boys have returned to their unbased state. Great looking regiment and a fantastic third photo of all the regiments and jaegers together. It's enough to shame me into returning to the gaming and painting tables directly!

Best Regards,


Giles said...

The figures look fantastic, but how do you move them all during a game? Or do you put them on a movement tray thingie?

Best wishes


Pjotr said...

Me jealous? whatever makes you think that?
My hat of to you, Phil, you can only be proud to have such a splendid "Classic" army waiting to go campaigning under your generalship.


Capt Bill said...

Very handsome lads indeed, ever if time consuming to deploy...

Phil said...

Interesting that this question often crops up about moving so many single figures. I have never found it onerous at all. In fact, it's really only during the opening moves that it takes any time at all. After that, the deadly volleys and crashing canister are removing figures in their dozens, so fewer to move!

Indeed playing the recent game at Claymore, albeit quite a small encounter, we were surprised at how easy it was to move all the figures, whilst at the same time chatting to people at the show. And when Charles and I fought the St Michel campaign using his old Spencer Smith collection (still singly based) we had many hundreds on the table for the main battle and got through the game comfortably in a day, with plentiful breaks for coffee/ lunch/ cups of tea and so on. I think it's a mental block for many people, and it just looks as if it will take ages.

I also happen to like moving formations of toy soldiers around.
Each to their own though.

johnpreece said...

Wonderful images! They provoke me to a couple of heretical thoughts however. I hope older readers are sitting down.

You have a picture of a classic Napoleonic Brigade advancing. Battalions in divisions of four, Skirmish screen out. Which of course is just as it should be.

Secondly, the figure organisation is perfect for the Too Fat Lardie's Sharp Practise rules.
Not that I am sugesting tampering with the sacred text BUT you do finally get a role for the drummers, sergeants and officers.

Maybe the Brigadier had written such rules 40 years ago but considered them too advanced for the audience of the time?


Big Andy said...

Hmmm Yep they look fine- Puil its now entirely your fault that I'm contemplating a "Charge" project with my Stadden AWI. However the figures will be based- singly but based mostly to protect them At least one of my gaming mates is joe Thumbfingers and not to be allowed near my toys without being watched !!- not that he does it on purpose he's just built clumsy so they will be based.

tidders2 said...

Lovely pictures, and the troops look great unbased. I think there is more of 'playing with soldiers' feel with moving single figures.

-- Allan

Big Andy said...

Have to agree with tidders there so al though it will be a chore my staddens will get re-based as singles.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Morning Phil,

It's wonderful to see all of these posts and photographs once again in 2016!

Best Regards,