Thursday, 16 December 2010

A Proper Artist

When I put out a plea for a proper artist to help with some sketches for The Classic Wargamer's Journal, I was contacted in a matter of hours by one subscriber, Chris Gregg of Cheltenham, UK. 
Now, this is one talented fellow... on the wargaming front, where his well-painted armies do battle on exceptional terrain adorned with wonderful scratch-built edifices (I know this, because I've seen the pdf he produces for his club... and more of that anon); and also on the artistic front. Well, he's a proper artist you see, so as you can imagine I snapped up the chance to have Chris produce some sketches for CWJ (next issue is already looking good- but I would say that, wouldn't I?!).

In addition, having perused Chris's online gallery, I also commisioned a painting for my Christmas present. Now, the picture arrived - a wonderfully composed and executed piece showing a vedette of Bercheny Hussars on patrol.I only got a sneak preview before Liz whisked it away to be framed, but Chris also sent me a black and white scan of the piece, which is reproduced here, simply to show you what Chris can do, and as an insight into some of the artistry that will enhance CWJ in future issues.

You can view Chris' online gallery (see links). But be aware... he's a busy fellow, with a number of exhibitions coming up in 2011 for which he is producing some exquisite work. So, if you want to avail yourself of his services, you'll have to join the queue! If you are serious about getting some beautiful, original art, from someone who knows how to paint both landscapes and military subjects, I can certainly recommend Chris.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Corr, that's a bit special - very nice work indeed..

Steve Gill said...

What a charming painting!

Very much looking forward to seeing more of Mr Gregg's work in the CWJ.

Phil said...

Thanks chaps. It looks even better in full colour. Chris has a great style, and the sketches for the journal are wonderful too.

Syari said...

awesome blog!