Thursday 10 March 2011

CWJ next issue

Next issue of The Classic Wargamer's Journal is due out in April, and it's all coming together nicely. Already I have loads of material. In fact, all I'm waiting for is the Desert Island Wargaming piece (you know who you are!!!!!) and I can start editing (ok, don't laugh - I know it's not proper editing... more just cutting and pasting really!)
Don't let the fact that I've got lots of articles put you off writing though as I do want to keep the stockpile up, and create as much variety as possible to ensure maximum period coverage for future issues too. And who knows, for balance, anything submitted in the next few days could also find it's way into this issue... the "editor" may on a whim replace one of his own pieces with something far more valuable from a contributor.

Anyway, a huge thank you to all who have once again made life so easy for me in producing such a wealth of material. Full details of all contents will be released in the next couple of weeks.

I'm also delighted to report that Chris Gregg has more wonderful sketches in this issue.
And, to show how grateful I am to Chris, I want to promote the work he is doing for a special exhibition in Gloucester in May. He has just completed a beautiful oil painting (22 inches x 16inches) of Gloucester during the ECW, and I simply felt I must share it here. So, with Chris's permission:

It is for sale, and you can contact Chris via his website:

By the way, I'm not involved at all, but such a fantastic work deserves as much publicity as possible.
All the best for now... and I promise, at some point I'll update on my own wargaming activity!

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Anonymous said...

Good news on a damp March day. Can't belive how quick this years going.