Thursday, 8 August 2013

Gallery page added

In order to put a few pictures of my favourite Classic Wargaming units into one place, for ease of reference for visitors to the blog, I have created a Gallery page... see navigation bar above.

Toy soldiery, marching about. What's not to like?!

Thank you to those who have commented on this flurry of posts and updated pages of late. Your interest and friendship is most valued.
Best regards.



Old School ACW said...

Hey Phil,

How's the Classic Collection coming along? Any new additions?

All the best,

Greg Horne

abdul666 said...

Thanks so much for sharing such eye-candy!

Phil said...

Thanks both.
Greg: nothing done on this collection recently. I'm concentrating on the new 18C project at the moment, and for the foreseeable future. A new blog will be coming soon to explain all, and show some of what I've been doing.
Best regards

tradgardmastare said...

Looking forward to the new blog and what you are up to...
best wishes

Anonymous said...

Love the collection Phil, will use charge with my 40mm Napoleonics, but I am looking forward to your new 18th Century project. With your new project and John's book, things are looking good.

All the best


Phil said...

Thanks Alan and Paul.
I am doing some tweaks to the blog before I launch it, and have today been on the phone to a caster to arrange the first mould for my infantry figures for the new project. Have done some cavalry units whilst the infantry masters were being made, and am pleased with it all so far.
Also working on a set of rules for mid 18C, so that's good fun too!