Friday, 11 May 2012

Dressing the Lines

So I thought it about time I did a bit of blog house-keeping, and brought things back to the Classic Wargaming theme. Which is why some of the older posts have been removed as they were not really relevant to the Classic Wargaming style. Similarly, the sales pages are now down (as most of the items have been despatched to various parts of the globe anyway).

And to get the Charge-esque juices flowing, here are a couple of shots from the archives featuring Stadden figures in the main.

The Pils Holstein regiment, supported by a Garde Jaeger light infantry company and a Field Battery ready themselves for the assault of The Erbprinz and Saxe Coburg regiments, also supported by a Field Battery.

I must admit to have been otherwise engaged these past few months, and the hobby has taken second place (well, in truth it has been well down the pecking order, not even qualifying for Europe to stretch a football analogy). However, I enjoyed a short visit to the Falkirk show last weekend, and caught up with a few old pals, and I've even had the paint brushes out this week, doing this n that... not amounting to too much yet, but it's a start.

The funny thing is, the hobby is like a comfortable pair of slippers that you can easily fit snuggly back into, even after considerable distractions. It's good to be back. But don't hold your breath waiting for excessive blogging. It will remain sporadic I'm afraid. But then... it is a hobby, after all.

All the best


Graham C said...

Nice to see you back even if it is only intermittent.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures,well done, they really look proper, seriously thinking of using Charge for my 40mm Napoleonic s. Would you say it was acceptable to have two companies in a battalion, to represent a weak regiment, rearguard type unit? Any news on your new figures?



Chris Gregg said...

Lovely looking scene Phil - just like the real thing - "Charge" I mean! Will your new battalions have a Classic look like this?
Nice to see your blog come up again.

GaryA said...

The sight of the Erbprintz took me back to the day I first got 'Charge'. Exactly like you say about the old slippers, but much harder wearing.


Phil said...

Thank you all.
Paul - I think Charge will work perfectly well for the units you suggest.
Chris - the new project will look entirely different; figures will be on bases.

Thank you all for checking back on the blog, and for commenting.

Best wishes


Small Wars said...

Good to see that you have a foot in the stirrup once again even though you have not yet got yourself fully seated in the saddle.


Anonymous said...


it's good to hear news from you and a delight to see the photographs. I'm sorry I couldn't make it to Falkirk now but work intervened.
wishing you well,

Stephen Caddy

Roly said...

Oooh, I thought by the title of this post that you were going to write about discovering my 'Dressing the Lines' blog!!!

But, seriously, good to see you back again. Your projects have absolutely inspired mine, even if I haven't ascribed fully to the Old School look in the end.

'Dressing the Lines' -