Monday 28 May 2012

Sittangbad- the refight

In 2006, almost exactly 6 years ago to the day, we put the Sitangbad demonstration wargame on at the Partizan show in Newark.
I have added a new page (see navigation bar above) showing the build up, and some photos, for posterity. Some Classic Wargaming candy to enjoy...

Above: the layout, in my wargames room. The bright green boards were quite a design risk... but boy have they caught on as a "classic look"!

The buildings were all in scratch built in the "lift off to reveal ruins" style.

The figures were mainly Staddens, SSMs and some Holger Erikksons. Above: The Pils Holstein Regiment - a full Charge style regiment.


Willie Anderson said...


Thats a great idea with the ruin inside the building!!

Old School ACW said...


CQ CQ - do you read?

Your computer must be broken. Can I send you a new one?