Sunday 18 July 2010

CWj- answering some queries

As I suggested last time, things have been progressing at some considerable pace, and we’re on track to have the pilot issue of The Classic Wargamer’s Journal (CWJ) available in the next few days.

It’s been encouraging to see the comments, and I hope in this post I’ll be able to answer some of the queries raised.

The aim is to recapture some of the “raw” nature of the hobby, before the glossy veneer took over. There will be scenarios and battle reports a plenty and some “how to” articles… eg scratch building etc. Simple stuff that anyone can do, plus game/ campaign mechanics articles.

Each article being no longer than about 4 pages, and some just a single page, all in, it should run to around 30 pages per issue. That will be pure content. Nothing fancy, but good old “war-gamers’ brain food”.

Periods covered:
efore I forget to mention it, this is not just for Horse & Musket folk. In fact, the Tony Bath ancients flats (as used in the Hyborea Campaign) which sit in my cabinets, are warming up for future issues, and there are a number of different periods catered for in the pilot issue. Many of the scenarios are generic, not period specific.

well, I thought long and hard about this… and for no reason other than gut-feeling and the overall ethos of the thing, I originally decided to simply take the hard-copy route.
However, in the biggest U-turn since Bonnie Prince Charlie reached Derby, I have now decided to offer a pdf issue aswell. So you’ll have the choice. Well, it would be silly not to use the technology we have in the interests of allowing as many people as possible to access CWJ. For that reason, I think the early pioneers of War Gamer’s Digest (Scruby, Featherstone and Bath) would approve.
For those dyed in the wool hard-copy only types, just ignore the pdf option!

by paypal online. Yes. I’ll be sticking a button on here so you can buy it directly, from anywhere in the world.
I’ll also have the facility to take cheques by post from UK subscribers.

The Pilot issue will be a one-off single payment – a chance for you to “suck it and see,” before committing to 4 issues, and we won’t be getting into subscriptions until the next issue.

To cover the cost of production (it would be a very short print run - in fact I’ll be doing it in-house myself) and the cost of postage, I anticipate each issue will be approx £4.50 for the hard copy UK version, £6 for overseas (including postage). PDF will be less expensive of course.

More news in the next few days…

…Get ready for the launch!
Or should that be the “Blast off” or even “Blasthof”!!!


Anonymous said...


We (well, me and Ben the dog) at Spencer Smith have been busy with our new range of Franco Prussian War figures with the fantastic help from John Preece; and also supporting Jack Alexander with he new American/Mexican war 1917 figures; so I haven't given the 18th century stuff much of a thought in recent weeks, plus the fact that everyone seems to have their boxes full of Spencer Smith castings ready to paint or close to retirement! SO, whilst waiting for my son's girlfriend to arrive from Leeds, I thought I would just pop in to your blog and look at those lovely figures of yours, and hey presto, you are launching a new mag! Just count me in as a subscriber and if you can get John Preece to do a regular column on 'Charge rules', then I might buy two copies. Do you want a mention on our website?

Well done


Capt Bill said...

Very pleased that a PDF will be available. No waiting on the snail mail. Can't wait to see issue 1. Best regards...Bill

tradgardmastare said...

I think I will go down the snail mail route- handy for reading upon the train,at lunchtime and in the garden...
Good ,however, to offer a pdf too for folk who find that best. Let the technology be our servant rather than ( often is the case these days for me theses days)our master !
best wishes

Unknown said...

great to hear that a pdf will be available.
Hope it's a great success.

arthur1815 said...

What an excellent idea! I find the modern wargames magazines too dominated by high specification production values and trendy page layout, so your proposal struck a real chord at a time when I'm returning [regressing in my dotage?] to old school wargaming. May it be a great success! I'm glad to see that you have decided to offer the pdf option too.
Looking forward to the trial issue.

MiniatureWargaming Editor said...

I'm excited about this product. There's been a real need for this niche since the demise of MWAN and The Courier -- at least in the US, those were the last of the old school mags.

Bluebear Jeff said...


How does one acquire a copy of the Pilot Issue? since that is not part of subscription?

Details please.

-- Jeff