Thursday, 8 July 2010

Promised Pics

As promised a couple more pics of the Saxe Coburg regiment.
Here in line formation, standing before the buildings that made up Eisenberg Village for the refight of Sittangbad we did at Partizan way back (2006... really, that long ago?).

These buildings (4 in total) are now for sale, and if you would like to make an offer, drop me an email: phil.olley at

And here the Saxe Coburg Regiment join fellows of The Erbprinz Regiment and the Pils Holstein Grenadier company, "advancing on a broad front".

Meanwhile, the other evening I spent a merry couple of hours surfing (something I very rarely get chance to do) and as a result I've been catching up with "blog husbandry" by adding links that I had neglected to include. If your blog or website doesn't appear, it may be an oversight on my part, so please do give me a nudge (in fact, why not just put the word "nudge" in a comment), particularly for those who have been kind enough to link to this blog. I do like to reciprocate where possible, and feel it's only right. So belated apologies to anyone who I hadn't previously linked to... hope that's now rectified.

Right, just a few hours to go in the big vote for the Saxe Coburg mascot name... Blatter is in pole position, just now. Is there time for a big turnaround?


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

What a wonderful "classic" collection of Stadden figures you are developing there, Phil! Time permitting, you ought to stage a grand review of your classics sometime soon and snap a few photographs of them for posting here. Terribly inspirational!

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Just to say that I think your figures are excellent. I also really like the look of those hills as they are just the right effect for my own project - are they cut from MDF or something else? Also can you remember what make/shade of paint you used for them and the base board.


Frankfurter said...

I'm going to include yours in my "Nebulous Neighbors" list ...