Friday 2 July 2010

Saxe Coburg Regt completed

Saxe Coburg Regiment is complete as you can see.

It is evident that the football theme got to me from the outset (I designed the uniform based on the Aston Villa kit of course!). And with an earlier comment/pun (thank you Donogh) about them forming up in 3 lines, I had to include the 3 Lions Passant on the flag.

There's also the mascot. Every regiment should have one! And in the case of The Saxe Colburg regiment I decided to use one of the Vendel mastiffs.

Now, as to his name... well, I'll leave that to you, dear readers, as the latest poll shows a number of options...
Place your vote!

click on picture to enlarge.

And thanks all for following progress.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Sharp looking troops there, Phil. And the mascot is a good touch.

Best Regards,


tradgardmastare said...

Figs look great,love the mascot!

Andy Mitchell said...

Highly anachronistic, but I think the name of the mutt should be Prinz Albert, after Queen Victoria's hubbie.

Anonymous said...

Ah... the famous cold steel of the Prinz Albert (ouch!)

Fine looking troops though. I'd suggest the Holtend Regiment or possibly the regiment of O'Neil (a wild goose?)


Super looking figures,Phil.I wish i knew how you find the time to paint so much,so quickly,so well?Just when do you eat,sleep,avoid the gym like the rest of us?


firefall said...

Very nice work! Shame they are doomed by the AV connection :)

Fitz-Badger said...

Excellent big battalion and great dog! (nice doggie...)

Sorry, but Blatter sounds too much like bladder for my taste. I would've voted for Prinz Albert.

Gallia said...

Sparks and I think Rooney is best.
He ignored me when I said Blatter. His head rose when I said Capello. It rose higher when I said Rooney but I confess to emphasizing it a little more than the others. Compliments and bravos to you for the new resplendent regiment of foot et al.
Applause and encores,

Fire at Will said...

Excellent paintwork

Doc Smith said...

These figures have a lovely crisp and clean finish. Like the others they have an aesthetic quality that is unsurpassed on the 'net. Just love the old stuff!

The mascot is a nice touch too. I haven't seen the drummers like that at the rear of a formation before - is that standard or more an Aston Villa special effect?


Anonymous said...

The Saxe Coburg Regiment, known as 'The Villans' and led by their mascot Espinosa (named after a certain Uruguayan linesman)

tidders2 said...

Superb looking regiment, love the mascot - woof !

-- Allan

Donogh said...

My second shall call on you good sir! I am unfairly accused of a terrible pun.
I'm sure you'll find that it was my esteemd colleague Conrad Kinch esq. (ironically enough my second)
who made the comment about the three lions in your post on the painting challenge!

Snickering Corpses said...

Why oh why did you have to mention mascots, my good sir? Now you have me itching to have regimental mascots when I don't even have regiments. That's terribly cruel.

Very nice work as ever from you, Mr. Olley. Always a pleasure to see what you're doing.

Phil said...

Thank you all.
And yes, Donogh, my sincere apologies, for it was indeed your esteemed pal who came up with the Three Lions pun.

Anyway, a few very good ideas here... I think the inhaber will have to be Prinz Albert, and the regiment based at Holte End barracks.

The 2 drummers at the back... well just another one of Martin O'Neill's crazy formations!

Glad the mascot idea has captured the imagination.

Took some more pictures today, and will post them soon.