Tuesday 6 July 2010

The Hyndford Plaque

Thought this photo would be of interest to readers. This is a photo in the collection of Charles S Grant reproduced here with Charles’ kind permission.

The photo was taken by David Chandler, who later owned Peter Young’s house “Hyndford Yately” and had the plaque put up:

On the reverse of the photograph David Chandler has written
“Put up at Hyndford on 13 October last: the 10th death of PY and the 30th (not at all death) of the SK.”
Which would make it 1998.

Of course, the name Hyndford appears in Charge… remember? Lord Hyndford, the gallant British officer who was charged with the Imperial rearguard defence as Lentulus made good his escape at Sittangbad. And a quick google search will reveal something of the historical figure, Lord Hyndford, which I’ll leave to you…


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

A neat piece of wargaming triva there, Phil. Thanks for sharing it.

Best Regards,


Richard Lockwood said...

Just been scanning down your pictures showing the painting of your latest regiment - very pretty indeed - and that is a very nice shade of uniform red you have going there! I have always struggled with finding satisfactory shades of red - I can't seem to get shade/highlight combinations that please me afterwards. Can you share your secret on this latest unit (and more generally)? I suppose it could be just the lighting of the photo, but the deep red colour looks so rich and, well, pleasing to the eye!