Monday 12 July 2010

General chit-chat

Well it looks as if the overwhelming vote on the mascot name went to "Blatter", so "Blatter" it is. Thanks for your input!

Meanwhile, I had meant to post replies to questions made in the comments earlier, but decided to post the answers here:
The base boards are painted with a Dulux emulsion paint (Soft Moss 2). It's actually a little more subtle than it appears in the pictures.
As for the crimson coat colour on the saxe Coburg regt; just plain Games Workshop Foundation Paint - mechrite red. It's more a claret colour really.

Finally, a table is booked at the Claymore show (Edinburgh, 7 August) for a small Classic Wargaming demo game. This is along with a couple of pals, under the banner of convenience of "The Forth Coalition" (us being based around the River Forth). So far, I've got the scenario drawn up, and all the figures are ready. Just some finishing touches and a handout to do. More news as the preparations continue over the next couple of weeks.


Mark Dudley said...


Thanks for the info on the paint. I am due to paint my table (once I got the last game tidied away) and wanted to go for a lighter colour.

Any chance of your game getting down South?

BTW Can I nudge you.

Phil said...

Hi Mark
I'm nudged! Sorry about that oversight.

As to taking the game "darn sarf", I doubt it, not for a while at least.

But never fear, photos and a full description will appear.