Wednesday 14 July 2010

Introducing the Classic Wargamer's Journal

Having recently been fortunate to have the loan of Charles Grant’s collection of War Game Digest journals, starting from issue 1, March 1957, I’ve been absolutely enthralled by them. The whole tenor and style of articles has me captivated. They contain a real sense of wargaming community. Of course, that was way back then, when the pioneering spirit amongst the 40 or so initial subscribers was just that – pioneering.

But… now…

Well all of this got me thinking…

So, if a very amateurish publication was produced (no gloss, no adverts), just a sort of “club newsletter” style magazine or journal, perhaps on a quarterly basis, in the Classic Wargaming style, focusing purely on game reports, scenarios, the odd “how-to” piece, with contributions from many people, would others be interested? It would be something to look forward to clunking through the mailbox once a quarter!

And let me also say at this point, I view this very much as an “amateur” in-house publication, like one of the many wargames society newsletters/ journals. And even less “polished” than many of them - I’m talking staple-bound plain paper here guys!!

The big question is how do I find out if it would be worth doing?

The Classic Wargamer's Journal (CWJ)- Pilot Issue
Well, I have decided to put together a “pilot” issue.

And with a number of collaborators (some of whose names you will instantly recognise!) we’re working on getting it out at the end of July.

More news in the next day or so…


tradgardmastare said...

Three cheers for the coming project- the day of the plucky amateur and gentleman wargamer lives!
best wishes

Jiminho said...

This is a splendid idea. I'd be delighted to subscribe if subscriptions, paper and stamps are necessary. Will it be a .pdf or mimeographed ?!

Good luck with the project


johnpreece said...

Quite splendid,I would love to look forward to getting such a Newsletter through the post, but if it was a pdf I could arrange dog eared paper and rusty staples at my end.

Please let us know what is required in terms of subscription etc.

You will remember that the old mimeographed newsletters always had an assistant who actually coped with inking the stencils, stapling the copies and lugging them to the Post Office. Mary Bath and Don Featherstones long suffering secretaries spring to mind.

I hope you have this covered!


DC said...

A splendid idea Phil - sign me up!

Phil said...

Thank you chaps. Well, that's 5 of us so far... plus the contributors!

The "publication" will be hard copy. None of this modern fangled pdf stuff.

John... I have all the crew ready for printing, stapling and stuffing envelopes. Haven't mentioned the colouring in of maps to them yet!

Thanks for your support so far. The first issue will be a stand-alone pilot... no subscription. Depending on the take up we could be looking at subscription to 4 issues commencing with an Issue 1 in October/ November. But that's getting ahead of ourselves.
... for now anyway.


Pjotr said...


I love the idea and I'm interested in a subscription. Would you be prepared to accept subscriptions from abroad? Would it be a good idea using some modern technology and using paypal for payment?


Capt Bill said...

Phil, sounds like a great project, but maybe it would be easier to do it on a computer and email the issues. I know the postal services would hate the idea, but for us colonials a much better plan. The subscriber can either print a hard copy or save it to a file...

Ed said...

Another interested, colonial, party--hard or electronic copy!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great idea to me Phil - count me in for a subscription too.
I particularly like the "old schoolyness" sound of the idea.

all the best with it.


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Me me me me me...! :o)

Gary Phillips said...

Hi Phil

Count me in!


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Phil

Can I please been included in the list.



Poruchik said...

I'd subscribe and contriute from time to time if I had anything of value to offer.


Independentwargamesgroup said...

I would love to get the magazine. I still read my copies of the Newsletter when I want inspiration,so bring it on.
Thanks Robbie Rodiss

Mike said...

Count me in as well...


Little Wars Revisited

Phil said...

Thanks for all the comments; all points are noted. I will be posting again tomorrow to answer some of the specific queries which have arisen.
Thanks you for the encouragement and support... and offers of article contributions (Donald - that was you volunteering to my ears... and I know you have plenty which would be of value to readers!)

Archduke Piccolo said...

Methinks you have generated considerable oversea interest - count me as part of that in li'l old N.Z, here.
Much as I would like to receive hard copy, I think e-mail would be favorite. You know: carbon footprint, and all that sort of thing. I have the facilities to generate hard copy (copies) here at home.

tidders2 said...

Great idea, add me to the subscription list

-- Allan


Even Der Direktorat would subscribe and contribute...


guy said...

Another here please. I would much prefer a paper copy. Happy to pay up front for a number of issues if it will assist cashflow etc.


Prince Lupus said...

wonderful idea, do we need to subscribe with postal orders

Graham Minshaw said...

Aye, sounds a grand idea. As much as I enjoy all the glossies and the push towards "professional" production values I am starting to feel like the guy who forgoes his main course for five puddings.

I'll keep an eye open for news.


Unknown said...

Definitely interested. However, make sure you keep some ideas to one side for the next Wargames Annual ! I've read this a few times now and its very much a continuing source of inspiration.


PaintPig said...

Hello Phil

To follow up from my post on OS yahoo, I would definitey be interested in a publication of this type. Maybe I'll stop thrashing my poor battered copies of mil mod.


jmilesr said...

I'd like to subscribe if I can