Tuesday 20 July 2010

CWJ - Pilot Issue is here!

The Classic Wargamer's Journal - Pilot Issue now available.

includes: 4 tyabletop scenarios (Spurlash Down and vanguards Collide, by me; Fire Raisers by Stephen Caddy; and a battle report from the very first issue of WGD back in 1957); plus articles on Tabletop generals' characterisation by Jeff Hudelson, and a guide to painting big units by Stokes Schwartz; an ACW riverboat project by Alasdair Jamison, and Bill Protz gets marooned!

Hardcopy and PDF versions are available via the paypal button below. Pricing includes postage.

For the PDF version, you will receive this as an attachment to an email from me within 48 hours of your order. Please ensure your spam filter is set to receive ok from phil "dot" olley "at" blueyonder.co.uk

For those who wish to purchase by cheque (UK only I'm afraid), send £4.50 payable to "Phil Olley" to:
Phil Olley, Phoenix House, 12 Houston Avenue, Glenrothes, Fife. KY7 6FL.

I am massively indebted to everyone who has helped put this pilot issue together, and has been good enough to offer encouragement, sage words of advice, as well as a fine batch of articles. Let me just say a public "thank you" to all of them.

And finally, thanks in advance to those who support this little venture, click the button and buy the Pilot Issue...

BUTTON REMOVED 30 JULY 2011. No further orders being taken for Pilot Issue


Fire at Will said...

Hurrah, looking forward to seeing it


tradgardmastare said...

One hard copy ordered...looking forward to reading it!

Poruchik said...

Copy ordered. Looking forward to it.

PaintPig said...

....and I ended up ordering a hard copy, for the first ed anyway!

Used existing pay pal account although the redirect after purchase collapsed? Phil if you could please email/msg me via paintpig to confirm the order.

Oh well while the card is out better put a smile on mssrs Hammond and copestakes dials .....and mine.

Capt Bill said...

Paypal, how sweet is that?

Roly (Arteis) said...

PDF ordered - looking forward to it ...

PaintPig said...

All good pay pal has invoiced me


tidders2 said...

A cheque will arrive by snail mail in due course

-- Allan

Mycenius said...

Hard Copy Ordered! Although it bombed on the post PayPal screen for me too Phil - looks like an invalid page path. Also put a plug up on my site/blog for you at http://wargaming.info/

Phil said...

Hi everyone.
Thanks for all the messages (and the mentions on blogs/ sites etc).
I'm no techie, so where there are glitches I'm not sure what the question is normally, let alone the solution!
Mycenius, I just got your order, so it looks to have worked despite the invalid page wotnot.

If you have ordered a pdf and not received in 48 hours do email me and let me know.
For hard copies, we are printing at light speed and getting them out again within 48 hours. So should be with you in about 3-4 days in UK. Overseas I'm not sure. Again, if in doubt as to whether your order has arrived, just email me. One of the little challenges is of course that online names don't necessarily match up with email addresses/ real names.

Anyway, hope you are enjoying it (those who have the pdf already).
Best regards.
and thanks for all the support... it's like helium and keeps me floating!

Anonymous said...

Phil - your pilot issue just arrived. Well done, nicely nostalgic, good articles, full of charm and The Wargames Digest scan is just wonderful. The very best of luck with the next issue and I'll keep my promise of a contribution.


Bludengutz said...

My pdf copy arrived in very much less than the stated 48 hours, many thanks for that! I am in awe of yourself and all your contributors, for such a wonderful publication! I am very much inspired to crack on with my own wargaming! I look forward to subscribing when the time comes, and will now order a hard copy of this pilot issue too! May you have the greatest success with this endeavour!

Uncle Jim said...


This is life blood for our customers. Very well done. Hard copy ordered.


Andy McMaster said...

Just ordered the hardcopy and the Paypal process went through but the redirect at the end back to the site gave: Fatal error: Error : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 in /home/philolle/public_html/lib/dao/PageDAO.php on line 224

May just be a glitch in the matrix but thought you should know.


arthur1815 said...

I received my pdf within 24 hours - thank you Phil! And even more thanks for such a delightful journal, that truly recatures the style and spirit of the old Wargamers Newsletter et al. and of old school wargaming in general.
I haven't finished reading it yet - a reward to look forward to after doing my child tax credit return - but know already that I'll be subscribing and contributing to future issues.

Phil said...

Thanks everyone for both the technical notes ref paypal etc, and for the encouraging comments about the journal itself.

I must report that I was delighted to have a chat with Henry Hyde of Battlegames before going to print, and he was very supportive of the whole CWJ idea. I see this journal very mcuh as Battlegames' scruffy little cousin (or naughty little brother?!).
To all those who have offered articles, many thanks... I'm sending out contributor's notes asap.
Similarly, for those who are eager to subscribe for the 4-issues, there will be a Paypal button going live over the next few days.
Many thanks again

John Clements said...

This looks just great, Phil, and thanks for making the order process so simple. Looking forward to reading it.


Anonymous said...


CWJ arrived today. Lovely, it says 'Wargamers Newsletter 2010' but with a 'Charge' 'Wargames' feel to it as well. Perfect. Good luck.


Bludengutz said...

Hard copy arrived today, looks wonderful! Puts the well-produced and well-presented right back into amateur:) Look forward to the Paypal subscription button going up ready for when I get paid at months end:) The articles are fantastic, thank you to you and all your contributors, and good luck and best wishes for the future editions!

tradgardmastare said...

Hard copy was enjoyed in garden- well done Phil,keep it up!

A J said...

Ordered the pdf this morning. Looking forward to reading it!

Capt Bill said...

Phil, Used paypal, but the pdf file has not arrived. Since we have exchanged e-mails I am not sure why the file would not be recieved. Could you be good enough to check on this for me. Thanks, Bill

Phil said...

Capt Bill: it was sent 1031 on 21 July 2010. Can you email and let me know if definitely not received. I'll happily re-send, but want to be sure there hasn't been a problem.
Just about to send out another batch of pdfs, so AJ, yours will be in there.

Unknown said...

Looking forward to the next issues - subscribing as soon as it becomes available.


Eddy Sterckx

Anonymous said...

Fantastic work, Phil, this was a great idea.
I'll definitely be subscribing and working on some of scenarios/battle reports for submission.

Pete Jones said...

PDF order arrived printed it out as an A5 booklet.

I will definitely subscribe.

Pete Jones

John Moher (Mycenius) said...

Phil - Great Work - CWJ hard copy here in New Zealand in just 5 days! Wonderful read and brought back memories. Will be scribing to first 4 issues ASAP. Have put up a brief review at my site http://wargaming.info/ and Good Luck! Might even write something for CWJ myself!

Anonymous said...

Hi Phil - I can only repeat what the guys have already said. Got my copy yesterday and read it cover to cover in one sitting. What a great read - this is just the sort of thing I've been looking for - congratulations and thankyou for putting it together for us.
I'll certainly be subscribing and hopefully supporting CWJ with a few submissions too.

All the best


Phil said...

Delighted to hear it is arriving in all parts of the globe, speedily. That's down to my hard-working "back-room team" processing orders. I've passed on the news by regularly shouting to them "that's it in Canada/ NZ/ US" etc.
And thank you for the feedback and reviews (Wargames info review is very comprehensive and kind. Thank you). I'm particularly keen for the contributors to see their work so appreciated, and I know they are all pleased with what's being said.
For those who want to contribute to the next issue, please do... even if it's just a few lines on a game you have had (especially one of the scenarios featured in the pilot issue).
Subscription button will be going up on Friday, when I get chance.
Best regards

Chris Combs said...

Mr. Olley,

Great stuff! I enjoyed the issue so much, I immediately signed up for the pdf subscription. Best of luck and keep it up.


littlejohn said...


I'm in! Just for the first copy till my finances improve but will be sure to subscribe...thanks for making this happen.


Isembourg said...

By the time I learned of the the journal you weren't taking any more orders